Get together, celebrate, educate and refresh yourself at Mathildedal, the most beautiful and charming village in southern Finland.

You are welcomed to enjoy a day in Mathildedal, which is only 27 kilometers from Salo, 80 kilometers from Turku, 140 kilometers from Helsinki and 200 kilometers from Tampere railway station. It takes only 30 nautical miles to get to Hanko.

Would you like to anchor your car, yacht or power boat for a day and find yourself something nice, relaxing and memorable to do? Do you want to spend a whole day at the sea and get your own fish for the dinner? Would you like to do some canoeing, go to sauna or perhaps have some delicious food while learning to see the world a little bit differently, the Mathildedal way?
You are in the right place. Welcome!

We help you to organize meetings, training, social gatherings and to celebrate in style. We will find suitable and interesting trainers for your and your company’s needs. We cooperate with other local enterprises in order to make your stay successful.

What about this kind of activities?
* Archipelago breeze - a paddling tour in ironworks village sceneries
* From Teijo to Mathildedal - a day trip to two old and classic ironworks villages
* Gastronomic gems at Salo area

For more information please contact us by phone +358 2 250 2432 or by email